Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Beauty from the inside out

At Body of Health we apply a holistic approach to beauty and believe that beauty is not skin deep. We look at your total body systems and aim to harmonise and balance all your organs so that you can experience radiant looking skin.

Needles are applied--not only to the face but on the body. A facial rejuvenation treatment involves the whole body, right down to the energetic level thus creating beauty on the inside and the outside. A series of 10-12 sessions is recommended for noticeable changes to fine lines, however immediate changes to texture of the skin is often noted after 2 treatments..

Facial Acupuncture does not provide the dramatic removal of lines and wrinkles rather it provides a softening and relaxing of lines and wrinkles. as well as improving texture and tone to the skin. You and your friends may notice a fresher looking face.

Organic Serum is applied to enhance the treatment

You may also choose a face mask 

either green tea or bee pollen

AromaQi Facial

Aromatic organic serum is applied to your face. Your therapist will massage your face using acupressure points to further enhance your qi and blood flow. Followed by the use of ancient Chinese medicine tool called a Jade Guasha Board which has healng properties and can create more blood flow improve the texture of your skin.