Women's health and well being is the focus of this clinic. Using chinese medicine to balance, harmonise and rejuvenate your life to create a greater sense of well being. Treatments are individualised. Maintain your general health and wellbeing by stimulating your body to heal itself.


Acupuncture/Telehealth and Health Coaching available 

 Your practitioner treats a wide ange of conditions such as headaches, knee pain, and insomnia as well as women's health issues using the principles of traditional chinese medicine are used to balance and harmonise the body. She will use a variety of modalities to enhance your healing The medicine involves the whole body, right down to the energetic level  Assistance  to  balance the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects becomes the focus of treatment for those who wish to get to the root cause of their illness and experience more joy and love.


Treatment without Needles Cupping/Guasha

Pain produces toxins such as acid which blocks the smoth flow of energy and blood. Cupping and guasha is an ancient cross-cultural art. This treatment is designed to bring toxins to the surface of the skin and draw fresh blood to the area thus promoting healing. A common choice of treatment for those suffering from colds and coughs


Medical Qigong Healing now available via Telehealth 

Involves filling the body with abundance of qi and dispersing it throughout the body. All the cells in the body are realigned and become normalised as qi is moved around your body by  a Qigong Practitioner. It is designed to remove  blockages to restore vitality and energy. The mind and body will be reset to self-heal. Reconnect with your true self. 

"The superior doctor prevents illness"  Old Chinese Proverb
Regular maintenance Acupuncture treatments can resolve small stresses and prevent accummulations of stagnant qi and blood which may manifest as larger health challenges.