ONLINE Consultations - Available via zoom

Emotional Healing with Release process

Invitation to step into finding soul and spirit by

letting go of your emotional baggage to go into

the depths of your soul 

"The dark night of the soul" 

Be more authentic

Free yourself of long held emotional baggage 

Step into the true self and explore the possibility that you will be available for more creativity

What if you could show up in all areas of your life

Health, Family/relationships, Business/career,, Finances, Education, Social, Spiritual

When your emotional wellbeing is attended to it is possible to manifest more flow in all areas of your life.

Integrate your body, mind and soul

The committment:

12 weeks 1:1 sessions

Unlimited email support

First session 90 minutes 

11 one hourly sessions

The Cost:


November 2021

Price: $USD600

Qigong Meditation and healing

A deeply nourishing session to bring you back to yourself so that you can be calm and balanced, for better sleep and relaxation.

Activate deep inner peace and happiness.

You will be guided with meditation into a relaxed peaceful state. Learn how to connect with universal Qi and rediscover yourself. Feel more energised.


30 minute consultation

1 hr consultation



Labour Induction preparation:

 From 37 weeks.

Available coaching through use of acupoints to stimulate Labour and where to apply seeds.

Meditation to calm anxiety and stress.

40 minute consultation online; zoom/skype

"Raewyn thanks so much for the healing yesterday - I felt energised afterwards and more like myself.

 I had a smile back on my face"

Bram, W.Australlia