Zhineng Qigong With Master Lu Zhengdao and Wang Ling Ling

Raewyn has been exploring different styles of Qigong and Taichi and recently discovered Zhineng Qigong, a style of Qigong developed by Dr Pang Ming in 1990's. Durng this time he opened the Huaxia Hospital a medcinless hospital. Read more about Dr Pang Ming in.... (Link with website)

In 2017 Raewyn travelled to Sichuan Province where she spent a month learning to teach

Zhineng Qigong. Following this she has now incorporated many of the teachings into her

acupuncture treatments. In 2018 she hosted 2 Zhineng Qigong Masters to travel to NZ from China to teach at a retreat in Bella Rakha Auckland. Master Lu Zhengdao and Wang Ling Ling then travelled throughout NZ to hold workshops in the major NZ centres.

The couple have taught throughout Europe and this being their first visit has been largely an unknown element. They were very well received and the retreat and workshops have been oversubscribed.

Their last workshop begins in Auckland on March 7th and 8th and is their last workshop before returning back to China to continue their work running retreats and the 3 month teacher training retreats.

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