Raewyn Yee is a qualified acupuncturist and Certified Zhineng Qigong Teacher and Healer. She recently returned from a one-month Healing Retreat where she learned the tools and techniques to:

Connect to the source and send information to heal others through distance healing as well as when the ”healee” is present. Talking healing

Healing through practise

Pure consciousness healing Group healing

Create a Qi Field and use it to heal others

Give yourself a Qi lift into 2019 by experiencing this wonderful both relaxing and invigorating form of healing at:

Body Of Health clinic located next to the Altar Cafe at 2A/465 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand

Healing through practise:

New classes begin from January 8th 2019

Experience connection with your “True Self” and learn take home movements and meditations to continue at home. You will find the potency of Qi will be enhanced and accentuated to create a powerful healing experience when practised in a group.

Learn a new paradigm of health and wellbeing. The Taoist philosophies are permeated throughout this Qigong practise and assist the Qigong practitioner to access more vitality health and wellbeing and ultimately happiness. A daily practise is encouraged in order to get maximum benefit and a regular class will assist eager students to create a daily habit.

There are many forms of “Qigong”; when loosely used the term Qigong may be applied to the many types of Qigong currently practised here in the west such as yoga, meditation, Feldenkrais; as well as many styles of classical and contemporary forms of Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan.

The Founder of Zhineng Qigong

Zhineng Qigong is a contemporary form of practice developed by Dr Pang Ming who was a scholar who also studied Western Medicine as well as Chinese Medicine Taoism and Buddhism as well as the many traditional forms of Qigong.

Dr Pang Ming was born in 1940 and it was recognised early on in his life that he had special abilities.

After studying TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) he became one of the best-known doctors in Beijing. He later refined all this prior learning when he went deeply into Qigong and came to understand the root of illness and to recognise the importance of not only curing people of their illnesses but for people to become free of illness by changing their internal world and mindsets.

He has written several medical books both western and Chinese Medicine, however, he later gave up both western and Chinese medicine to develop new Qigong methods and theories. He named this new style of Qigong; Zhineng Qigong. Within this new style of Qigong is the information for using a qi-field for teaching, which has not been utilised in other styles of Qigong, he also revolutionised the way in which Qigong is taught. Traditionally Qigong was an oral tradition with a lot of secret methods and techniques passed down through the master to his disciple who would then initiate others. Dr Pang Ming taught this method he called Zhineng Qigong to many students, these teachers are currently active throughout the world teaching students to teach and spreading the information globally. At present in China, a number of research projects using Zhineng Qigong methods to test the theories are under way . Many scientists in the Western world are echoing Dr Pang Ming’s work. People such as Bruce Lipton, Greg Baden and Joe Dispenza to name a few. If the above authors and teachers resonate with you, you will no doubt be interested in the work of Dr Pang Ming and the Zhineng Qigong methods.

For more information/discussion please contact the author at


"The Methods of ZhinengQigong Science" Dr Pang Ming,

(translated by Wei Qi Feng and Patricia Fraser)

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