PICNICS, SALADS AND ICE-CREAMS ARE HERE! When its hot outside and you need cooling down it is likely that you’ll be craving cool drinks and food.. But do you know these "cold" energy foods can impact on your digestion? They can cause problems with bloating and stomach upset, fatigue and, a feeling of cold and poor appetite? They can also promote chilliness, mucus and congestion.

In addition according to Chinese Medicine, theory the cold foods can make your body work harder to extract the goodness from the food. Your body and digestive system will need to warm the food up in order to process it .and this takes more energy from your body. Balance is important so whilst some cooling foods is okay, over- consumption of cold energy foods will deplete your body's energy and deplete you.";Cold" energy foods, can include, ice-cream salads, a list is provided below;

Common cold foods include:

  • soy products, such as tofu and soybean sprouts.

  • vegetables, such as watercress, cucumbers, carrots, and cabbage.

  • cold drinks and water.

  • ice – cream, salads, raw food

Generally foods appear on a continuum according to whether they are cooked and how they are cooked. for instance the most cool foods would be the raw food such as salads and steamed foods are in between with roasted food the most warming type of food. Protein in the form of meat is considered warm food, therefore it is recommended you eat adequate amount of protein preferably in the form of meat.

Common Warm Foods are:

Nutmeg Black pepper Green/red pepper Caraway

Squash Sunflowe seeds

Walnuts Brown Sugar Clove Coconut

Dates Fresh Ginger Coriander Chives

Mango Rice Wine Cinnammon Vinegar

Seasonal Changes

Acupuncture is especially beneficial as it can be an effective form of preventative medicine, helping to detect and treat energy imbalances before they lead to disease. By taking a course of acupuncture treatments to harmonise and strengthen the immune system, you will increase your well-being before the onset of winter warding off coughs and colds, however remote winter might seem. Late summer February and March are the best months to do this. Prepare yourself for seasonal changes, in February and March and take the opportunity to strengthen and harmonise your body to boost your immunity during the summer months. Be ahead of the game and treat root cause of your coughs, colds, asthma, hay-fever and allergies to limit the effects of these common chronic conditions.


Paul Pitchford “Healing with Wholefoods”

Benfield and Korngold “Between Heaven and Earth – a guide to Chinese Medicine”

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