What is Qigong? (pronounced Chee)

​Qigong is a form of movement meditation developed by Taoists 2,500 years ago. It is a practice which cultivates Qi and helps to circulate energy around the body. A combination of exercises and meditation will be offered durng each session.

Most people report feeling relaxed, revitalised and a sense of peace and joy. Regular practise will develop your flexibility, strengthen your nervous system and overall health.

Practise with a group of people will enhance the field of Qi and intensify the experience.

It may be likened to combining exercise and meditation with acupuncture. The same energy points used in acupuncture are used in Qi Gong.

Are you looking for a daily practice which combines movement with meditation?

Are you looking for a practice which develops and transforms you both internally and externally?

To find out more contact Raewyn on 0226009629

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