APRIL - Seasonal Changes

We've entered into a new month and to me it feels like a new season . April is daylight saving reversal and with this change of clocks we feel a distinct shift in the amount of daylight hours and the temperature with the cooler mornings.

For Chinese Medicine advocates we note this is a good time for a tune up. Just as you would maintain any other thing in your life, it is good to ensure your body is one of the elements in your life to benefit from a maintenance programme.

Choose to meet the seasonal change with an advantage and tonify and boost your immune system and in particular the digestive and respiratory organs. Perhaps you are a sufferer of asthma and regularly suffer from coughs and colds. The symptoms of coughs and colds may be treated with acupuncture. Why not pre-empt this and practise preventative health, just as you might take a vitamin supplement?

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Raewyn Yee


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