5 Reasons to seek acupuncture treatment

1. People commonly seek acupuncture when they have pain. It is a professionally researched system and well known for the ability to relieve pain and has been published in many journals. Of course, it is most beneficial as soon as you have experienced injury, however, it can also help manage your pain up to a year after injury.

2. Many of Body of Health clients have also sought acupuncture for managing hormonal imbalance and conditions such as PCOS. Regulating hormones will also aid fertility for those wishing to improve their chances of a pregnancy. During IVF cycles it has been shown to improve the outcomes of Western medicine intervention. That may be because Chinese Medicine works in a holistic manner and is intent on getting to the root of the cause of illness or disease. Not that infertility is an illness, in Chinese Medicine terms it means in a nutshell that your body is out of balance and it is the job of the acupuncturist to bring your body back to balance and health. All the organs of your body have a part to play in your health and at Body of Health I aim to bring you back into balance and health.

3. Many women choose to seek acupuncture to assist them during pregnancy. A lot of women will think of acupuncture when they are past due date. Many of Body of Health clients have been able to avoid hospital induction when they have choose acupuncture to assist them in the onset of labour.

4. There are some clients who will choose acupuncture for maintenance and to re balance and re invigorate during seasonal changes.

5. Many of our clients have success in managing their anxiety, depression and stress with acupuncture treatment.

The above are just a few of many applications for acupuncture treatment. Contact us to find out whether acupuncture can help you to manage your concerns.

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