Acupuncture for post natal Care

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

The first 6 weeks post delivery is a time of making adjustments to your body and your life with a new born. We offer post partum care for a wide range of issues including a common problem many women face during and pregnancy and after delivery. That is "the Leak" (incontinence) Many women are referred for physiotherapy, however there is some evidence in a randomised clinical trial to show that acupuncture produced the same kinds of results as with pelvic floor exercises in a JAMA:2017;357:2493-501

If you've been attending to your pelvic floor with exercises why not add acupuncture into a integrated treatment.

Research shows that for 50% of women this issue does not resolve spontaneously without treatment. Research results are mixed, therefore more research needs to be undertaken for conclusive evidence. Using some form of treatment is better than not addressing the problem at all and if not addressed within the first 6 weeks post partum, is more difficult to resolve. Acupuncture has been shown to be useful in resolving urinary incontinence.

At Body of health we invest in your post-natal care.

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