I’m sitting here in my clinic and wondering how to help those interested in getting some treatment get over their fear of pain? There is so much to love about getting an acupuncture treatment, better sleep, stress less, better digestion, feeling more relaxed and being free of pain.

Some reasons why people feel pain

One of the most common reasons people feel pain is dependent on a number of reasons external conditions. You may be hungry, dehydrated or not had a good sleep the night before. So to avoid sensations of pain make sure you are well hydrated and have something light to eat before your acupuncture session.

How to overcome needle apprehension

Many people have an association with needles through their experiences in hospitals and IV therapy.

These needles known as hypodermic needles are hollow to administer medicine. They are much thicker than acupuncture needles.

Thinking about acupuncture needles they are as fine as a strand of hair and do not administer medicine. Think of them as healing sticks or pins rather than needles.

You’re in Control

At any time during treatment you can withdraw your consent to have treatment, that’s your basic right, so either communicate with your acupuncturist and ask for removal of the needle that bothers you or remove it yourself. Your acupuncturist will go at a pace that suits you, if not it’s time to find another acupuncturist.

Non needle techniques

Your acupuncturist may use cups (cup shaped tool placed on the skin to bring blood to the surface and allow free flow of blood), moxibustion, Gua Sha, Qigong, Acupressure, and ear seeds. Your acupuncturist may use these in conjunction with “pins”

So give it a go and check out acupuncture for pain, general well-being, health maintenance, digestive issues during pregnancy and for labour induction among a few of the reasons to seek acupuncture treatment.

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