balance and calm restored after acupuncture treatment


Fine needles are selected by your practitioner and inserted into various points.(the number of needles used varies) At this practise we use disposable sterile needles.

This activates the body to allow stagnant blood and qi to flow, and stimulates the body's own healing mechanisms. 

Non Needle techniques include

Cupping therapy,

Acutonics, Patent Herbal Medicine. Add on Qi healing with your treatment



Initial consultation and treatment:      $115.00

Follow Up:     $115.00


Acupuncture + Qihealing      $150.00   

Cupping for quick release of pain

Cupping Therapy

The use of cups to draw toxins to the surface of the skin through capillaries to allow fresh blood to flow. This may be a stand alone treatment or included in your acupuncture treatment. This treatment elimiates toxins and is useful in the treatment of respiratory conditions such as asthma, coughs and colds.  

Cost: $65.25 

Natural Pregnancy Birth plan acupuncture addresses synptoms of pregnancy

Pregnancy Acupuncture

Addresses and aids the management of symptoms related to pregnancy such as morning sickness, skin itch, past due dates, back pain, and breech presentation

Cost: $85.00 (initial)

Package 4 x treatments  T's & C's


Needling face (female hands).jpg

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation is using the art of acupuncture to promote qi and blood flow to restore inner beauty to reflect your beauty on the outside. This treatment includes an AromaQi Facial with serums and jade guasha board


Stimulating Jade Guasha facial

AromaQi Facial

Acupoints are used to stimulate the blood and qi flow to your skin. May achieve relaxing of fine lines.


Finished with the Jade Guasha board with properties to relax the facial muscles and stimulate blood flow


Cost: $138.00 (1 hour)



Relaxing Acutoning sound therapy_edited.jpg


Sound vibration to activate acupuncture points, helps to reach a deeply relaxed state. Sometimes combined with acupuncture treatment or can be a stand alone session

Cost $50.00

Raewyn Qigong Practitioner and teacher in Auckland

Qi Healing

Energy healing using Qigong theory and techniques remote and in person healing via

zoom or skype

Chinese Herbs best_edited.jpg

Patent Herbal Medicine

Traditional formulas developed by experts may complement your treatment. They are certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practises) and produced under rigororus standards overseen by Australia and the Department of Health China.​ The practice of Chinese Medicine is grounded in thousands of years of ancient theories which are just as relevant in today's culture.

Prices vary:

Prescription following consultation Herbs are posted to you directly

Create a  total sense of wellbeing

Hi I'm Raewyn and I'm a practitioner with a background as a


Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Qigong Teacher, Qigong

healer, Reiki healer as well as having a Western Medicine


grounding in Nursing.  I have a special interest in Women's

Health and I'm available to facilitate you to break free from


your emotional baggage.


Women's health issues including symptoms of PCOS and PMS are addressed as well as symptoms including nausea and back pain during pregnancy are also addressed. I am able to accompany you on a journey of self-discovery into a total sense of well being and harmony. My offerings are available via zoom so that you it's available anywhere in the world.

I have over  30 years experience in the health industry, and my passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy motivates me to design an individualised treatment for you. 

Using this combination of the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I will assist you to get the best out of life by restoring, rejuvenating and assisting you to be more connected to yourself.

Restore the fine balance of yin and yang with a combination of Qigong, acupuncture, and healing, diet and lifestyle recommendations, you will be facilitated on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Discover how to live well and live long

Currently I have capacity for 3 clients for long term programmes of 12 weeks to 24 weeks of Emotional Release Therapy.

Contact Raewyn to Book now

022 6009629